Bobbi gave him a look, raising an eyebrow and huffing loudly.
"Would you have rather had 
her follow you everywhere? 
She went into the bathroom
with you. A harmless prank
never hurt anyone… much.”

steve shifted, planting his hands on his hips. his eyes slid over to the exit where the
woman had run out running and screaming.  he didn’t know what bobbi did to scare
her  off like that — but he’d be lucky if she didn’t make them pay for her therapy bills

   obviously not. that’s  why i asked for your help.
          but  i  didn’t  mean  for you to terrify the woman either.
          i’ll be surprised if she can enter another bathroom after

xkingoftheforest whispered: miss beauty, miss grace, miss united states

there he is, mister usa



                  Or maybe we need to just limit peoples coffee intake.
                  I could do with some more.

                                    That was a lie.
                                    Tony probably was one of the people that                                                                               consumed most of the coffee.

steve lowers the pot and raises his brows, giving tony a look.

   you mean limit your coffee intake, right?
          you’re the reason why we need a  bigger pot,
          after  all.  any  more  coffee  and  you’ll drown
                                                               yourself in it.    



    there’s really no  need  to  thank  us  for
          accomplishing our own jobs. that’s what 
          we       are      here      for.      it’s      our

   doesn’t mean i  can’t congratulate you
          guys. helping people is our jobs, yeah,  but  it
          doesn’t take away from the fact that you guys
                                   did a good job out there today.



  thanks, cap, but i’m not so sure
          we should be packing it in just yet.
          someone’s going to need to talk to 
          the press. we both know they aren’t
                   too keen on waiting for a story.

   you’re right.  the  last  thing we need is
          the press  hounding  us  again.  unfortunately,
          giving them a story falls on  us.  i  think  it’s  in
          everyone’s best interests if we keep the bugle
          away from spiderman,  and  widow away from
          the press.  think you can handle another hour
                                                                          of pr?   



          ❝ Okay but have you considered this —— ❞
                                ❝ —— you’re dreamin’ and when you
                                   wake up, none of this would have happened…—— ??

   i’ve dreamed a
         lot of things in my day,    ❞    steve began.

                                           ❝   but i only ever see something
                                                                                          so odd when i’m awake.    

                                                    i.   ii.   iii.   iv.   v.

can we please talk about how when steve put on richard’s helmet and took in the nova force it transformed his uniform 

from this

to this

the nova force gave him nipple stars.

giant nipple stars